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I'M Pleased to Meet You!

It took me weeks to decide to contact you about this urgent business deal because of its nature; I want to get you involved in a Fifty:Fifty business transaction in my bank. Revert back to me with more of your contact info ASAP.

Best wishes,

Nelson Sandell
Assistant Branch Manager
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Good Day,

Hope you are doing great Today.I have a proposed business deal that will benefit both parties. I handle all our Investors Capital Project Funds which
enabled me to divert 1.2% of Investors Excess Return Capital Funds to our Magellan Trust Funds Account where any one can be presented to claim the
funds.A huge Sum of funds has been diverted, representing 1.2% of Excess Return Capital Funds from the Investor Capital Project Funds.
I am contacting you strictly for us to work this deal out so that we can claim the funds as mentioned above.
Be assured that this is LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL. Please consider this a professionally arranged business deal and should respond only if you can
exhibit 100% commitment.


Peter OWEN
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Re: Can I Trust You-

Miss. Marriam Husameddine
Dearest One,

I know that this proposal will come to you as a big surprise considering the fact that we have not had any formal acquaintance before or met in person but all the same I want you for the sake of God to give this an immediate attention in view of the fact that the security of life and possession is at stake.

I am Miss. Marriam Husameddine a 20 years old girl from war ravaged Syria but presently leaving in Israel border Refugee camp with my brother Ali who is 16 years old. My father Abdo Husameddine who before his untimely assassination by the government troop was the highest ranking official in Syrian government .He was killed in our government residential house alongside two of my other brothers, two house maids and security aid, fortunately for me and my younger brother including our mother we were on a weekend visit to our home town. A as we got the news of the tragedy, we immediately managed to ran into neighbouring Israel border for refuge.

In the same vein, as Faith would have it we lost our dear mother after a month we lost our father (May soul rest in peace) as a result of what the Doctor called cardiac arrest.
As we were coming into this country, we had some documents of a deposit of $ 48,500.000.00 USD (Forty eight million Five hundred thousand USD) made by my late father in a security and trust company, according to the note we found in our fathers brief case, he intended to use this fund for his international business transaction after his tenure in office but was unfortunately murdered.

We have located the security company where the money is deposited with the help of an attorney and established ownership having been told that the consignment is been held at their head in Europe for security reasons. Though, our father did not declare the deposit as real cash rather as family treasures/valuables worth US$48.5M. Please considering the bitter experiences we had in our country and the war still going on especially in Damascus area which incidentally is where we came from plus the incessant political upheavals and hostilities in this Israel border Refugee camp, we desire seriously to leave here and live the rest of our life into a more peaceful and politically stable country like yours hence this proposal and request is made to you.

I therefore on behalf on my only brother seek your kind assistance towards helping us to claim the money from where is deposited. My attorney will work out a change of ownership to your name so that you will be legally empowered to represent me claim the money from the company. After the conclusion of the transaction, you will help us to invest the money into a lucrative business and also assist my brother get a college admission to further his education.

Please I know that this letter may sound strange and incredible to you but the CNN and the BBC have it as their major news features .Therefore for the sake of God and humanity kindly give an immediate and positive consideration.

I will willingly agree to any suitable percentage of the money you will propose as your compensation for your assistance with regards to the above .please in view of our sensitive refugee status and as we are still conscious of our father's enemies, I would like you to give this a highly confidential approach. I await your response.

Thank Regard.
Miss. Marriam Husameddine
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Re: Fw: Qoutation


Dear Sir,


Good morning.



Kindly quote the enclosed




Looking forward hearing from you.





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Re:ラ^ン^ド バ^ッ^グ、 2017 新作

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Re: Can You Be Trusted.

Miss. Marriam Husameddine

Dearest One,


I am Miss. Marriam Husameddine, The daughter of ex Petroleum Minister of Syria. I have a financial Business transaction. That I will need your help to execute; I will like to invest in your company. Kindly contact me if you have any project that needs funding.


Please contact me if you are interested.


Miss. Marriam Husameddine

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Dear Winner!


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Investment Press Release to post-hidakaikuto13@blog.sakura.ne.jp


Investment Corporation of Dubai is a principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai. The firm seeks to manage the Government of Dubai's portfolio in commercial companies and investments across strategic sectors including financial services, transportation, energy and industrial, real estate and leisure, retail, and other holdings. It prefers to invest locally and internationally. Investment Corporation of Dubai was formed in May 2006 and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and this Press Release can be found in Bloomberg.

With over $9 Billion Dollars in portfolio management and with HSBC as the financial adviser, H.E Mohammed A. Ibrahim Al Shaibani Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Investment Corporation of Dubai has accredited me and sought my services to contact you for more possible investment business discussions bordering on financing after a tip off concerning your investment project.

Awaiting your feedback.

Best Regards.
Jamal Al-Raqabah
Al-Raqabah Finance Brokers
P.O. Box 333888
Dubai International financial Center -DIFC
Gate Village 7 6th Floor Dubai
United Arab Emirates.
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